Friday, October 16, 2015


This is going to be picture heavy! :D

Sometimes all you need to start fixing your soul is a visit home. Family, Friends and a special place in your heart. For me home is Aberdeen, Bonny Bonny Scotland!
It's been 2 years since I've been back home and its ridiculous really as its only a 8 hour drive from Bromsgrove! Things have been a bit rough lately. I haven't felt myself at all and my poor husband has had to put up with all my struggles. We decided the best thing for us both would be a lovely few days at home! So we planned and 4 weeks later there we were in our little mini on the motorway heading home!

I love my hometown. I love my country and I love talking about Scotland! I found it really quite crazy how no one from my workplace has ever been to Scotland!! Like WHAT! How is that even possible it is literally 3 hours away! Same amount of time as London or Cornwall. Anyways enough rambling on, on to some photos and snippets of our time back home. <3

My favourite part of going home to my mums house is just how homely and comfortable it feels! Photographs everywhere of my whole life and favourite memories of our family! I'm always treated like a princess by my mum! She will even make me a cup of tea and because she doesn;t drink tea she hates making it! Must be love!

The Beach & The Seaside.
I Miss it so much. Where I currently live the closest beach to me is Weston Supermare and it is an awful beach. tacky and no where near as amazing as the beach I've grown up with all my life. Bias I know!

There is an adorable old fishing village at the end of Aberdeen Beach Boulevard called Footdee or "Fittie" if you are a local! The little old village dates back to 1398! Ok so there is nothing there but houses but they are really special delicate beautiful houses. They sit right on the shoreline and these delightful old fishermans cottages are set out in squares for you to have a wander round. You really do feel like you have gone back in time! Washing line hanging in the squares, sheds of all sizes and lovely elderly couples who are happy to spend time chatting to you about the village!  

And now for the selfies. Even though our best friends have all come down to visit us down south its still amazing to catch up with them back home! Lots of cocktails and drinks were had and I am now an extreme lightweight!

Now even though I spend every day of my life with this one. Every minute is special. Every minute I adore him more and more. He really is my everything! So heres some emotional soppy selfies from our wee break back home!

 Man Oh Man he is my world! Best Husband ever! #janetandangusgohome