Monday, January 25, 2016

Castle Combe, Lacock Abbey & Lacock Village

On Thursday last week the hubby and I went off on a bit of an adventure round some Cotswolds Villages. It was a lovely bright and chilly day so we wrapped up warm and headed off!

First up was "The Prettiest Village in England" Castle Combe. I have to say it really is a beautifully quaint and stunning little village. The village is full of history dating way back to Roman times. The village cottages are typical of the Cotswolds and are a pretty sandstone colour with natural tilling on the roofs. Each of the properties are hundreds of years old and are listed as ancient monuments to preserve the beauty of them for many generations to come! The village had been used in film quite a lot but most recently you would have seen it in Stephen Spielbergs "War Horse"!
Some Snaps of Castle Combe
Next up was the main event! (Well to me anyway) We went to the National Trust Village of Lacock to visit Lacock Abbey & The Fox Talbot Museum. Lacock Abbey was used as a film location for Harry Potter! I like millions of others am a massive #potterhead. I grew up reading the books then seeing the films and generally just love the #potter life!

The Abbey & Cloisters are over 800 years old. Incredible. The detail that is in the stonework is awe-inspiring. It was a nunnery from 1232 and then it became a Tudor family home. The last family that lived there were the Talbot Family.

The village, abbey & cloisters were used as filming locations for The Philosopher's Stone, The Chamber of Secrets, The Order of the Phoenix & also for the Half Blood Prince.
The grass area in the middle of the cloisters is used quite a lot in the first two films!
The Chapter House Room is where Harry stumbles upon the Mirror of Erised, it also doubles as McGonagall's room!
The Cloisters you should recognise where Harry comes out of Professor Lockhart's room after a detention and then hears the basilisk! They are also where Dobby turns on Lucius Malfoy and tells him in no uncertain terms "You shall not harm Harry Potter!"
The Sacristy is home to Snapes Potions Classroom where he taught the young wizards & witches to "bottle fame, brew glory & even put a stopper in death"!
The Warming Room was used as Professor Quirells Defense against the Dark arts classroom!

I was honestly so happy. I think it may be my new happy place! I'm now thoroughly in the mood to watch all of the Harry Potter movies in order! <3 I would 100% recommend Lacock Abbey & village for a day out for Harry Potter fans and also just fans of English heritage and history!

Lacock Abbey & Village is also the first National Trust places we have visited this year so we are already on our way to seeing 12 before I turn 27!
Well done if you made it to the end! What is your favourite National Trust property? Do you like Harry Potter? I think I'm going to go and try and visit as many Harry Potter filming locations as I can now!