27 before 28!

This is such a fun way to make some plans and dream a little! I've come up with 27 things I would love to do before I am 28! My 28th birthday is 12th March 2018 #hello90'sbaby. Most of the things I would love to do involve Angus because #teameasen. I can't wait to keep you all updates as we score things off the list! 

1. Travel to four different foreign countries with my love. Destinations haven't been chosen as we are more of a fly by the seat of our pants kinda couple!

2. Move house and make a home, I would love to move somewhere where I can garden as it's super relaxing and we would love a kitchen garden and oudoor eating area for BBQ's!

3. Find a hobby to enjoy away from the screens and internet! Roller Skating? Leatherworking? 

4. Get some professional training for Dougal, whilst we have the basics down I would love for him to be fully trained as he can be a cheeky little thing at times!

5. Pass my driving test, I cannot believe my provisional licence expires in 2017 and I still haven't done anything with it!

6. Visit the Warner Brother's Harry Potter Studio Tour. Love

7. Read 20 books! I'm  love to read but never seem to have the time! 

8. Learn how to use my camera and expand my photography skills. So I can capture snippets of our life and save those memories forever 

9. Work on my cooking skills and create lots of new favourite dishes with Angus

10. Keep motivated on my weightloss journey! Here's to a healthier me for our future children

11. Be more organised with life in general. I would love to be one of those ladies that has a planner and knows what's due when, what time to be somewhere for and doesn't forget things so easily

12. Do something really special for our 5th Wedding Anniversary!

13. Go on a camping road trip with Angus in our MX5!

14. Update my wardrobe with clothes that reflect my personality not clothes that I have simply because they fit me

15. Spend a luxurious weekend away with Angus. Some chill and downtime with classic cocktails would go down a treat

16. Visit Cornwall again and take a surfing lesson or 2! This is something I've always wanted to do but have been scared to try because of being plus size! Not anymore come at me surf!

17. Visit 12 National Trust properties as we are members there is no reason not to visit some beautiful and historical places

18. See Michael McIntyre live! I absolutely adore him and think he is just hilarious!

19. Wild Swimming somewhere fun in the countryside!! 

20.  Cook/Bake 12 new recipe's. We love to cook and have a good selection of cookbooks that we need to use more 

21. Buy some quality pieces of furniture and prints for our home! Quality over quantity.

22. Go away for Christmas with my hubby and spend that precious time just the 2 of us for the first time

22. Dabble in some hair fun! A new cut, some colour or maybe some clip in extensions, Who knows!!

23. Go to Jamie Oliver's Big Feastival/ Goodwood Festival of Speed or some type of big summer fun event for a weekend of camping and shenanigans with my better half

24. Make steps to achieving our dreams and goals - our own house, turning passion into self employment, planning long haul trips away etc

25. De-clutter my house! I love to keep clutter. I wish I didn't but I do.

26.  Stick to my mantra of "Love Yourself" and live life positively! Because why the hell not, I deserve it!

27. Worry less and say YES more!!  

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