Thursday, September 3, 2015

Confident Ladies, I need you!

Long time no blog. No reason other than life! Eh.

Today I'm writing straight from my heart. I am having a wobble. I haven't taken a selfie for weeks... For the past month I just don't believe in myself and can't find anything about myself worth celebrating. I am having a total body confidence and self love meltdown. Oh also a dash of social anxiety issues too! Yay me!

My hubby bless his heart is trying his very best and I love him eternally for it but even with his help I'm still feeling a bit down about everything! I can't think of anything that may of started this wobble as I had a fantastic time at Style XL and met so many of you wonderful and inspiring ladies! I just haven't been able to feel great about myself for the last month!

Now I'm not going to bash my body or speak anymore negativity as I already know this isn't going to help me! But I am going to ask you to help me, if you will?

When you have had a wobble on your journey to body acceptance and to loving yourself how did you help yourself out of that terrible deep dark hole?

Do you have a favourite quote or image that helps keep you positive?

I'm a book worm so if anyone has recommendations for body posi/self love/plus size books that are great then please leave me a comment! 

Same goes for any youtube video's on the subject! 

If any of you have covered this topic (I imagine a lot of you have) Then please leave me a link to your posts I'd love to read them! Or tag me on instagram!

Anyway! This has been oddly emotional and reliving to write.. feel free to leave your snippets below and I promise I'll try them out!



  1. Honey I'm sorry to hear that, and just know that it's normal. Body confidence is a journey and sometimes we stall and falter but that's okay. Betty Pamper recently wrote a really helpful post on this on her blog. I urge you to check it out.
    My advice - spend time on your body. Look after it. I put my make up on, shave my legs, wash my hair, wear my favourite dresses - do all the things that make me feel great and it helps me boost flagging confidence.


    1. Thank you Hayley! Loved your post and Betty's too! It's a hard uphill battle but I'm on my way up! xxx

  2. Also, this post of mine might be helpful. Talking about body positivity and sexiness:

  3. Hey,
    Everyone gets stuck in a rut sometimes and its really hard to get out of it! Just remember that for every negative you feel about yourself, there are a million and one positives! You friends and family love you for you! They don't need any other reasons to! xx