Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Pay Day Shopping Spree!

Ohh July felt like a very long month!

Why is it that when you have no money you see so many things you need to buy! Yet when pay day is just round the corner you can't seem to find anything you want that badly?!

Either way I have still managed to compile a bit of a pay day wish list!

I don't own a jump suit and they are something that scares me a little to be honest! No time like the present to break down some fashion barriers of my own! I love the print on this one though and the chunky gladiator style sandals would go perfectly I think! 

I looked at this make up brush set in Selfridges in Birmingham last weekend and fell in love! The super cute clam clutch and pastel coloured brushes are perfect for wannabe mermaids! The brushes were rather soft and I bet they are a dream to use!

I've just always wanted a Beauty Blender but can I justify the pricetag on a what is essentially a sponge? Maybe I'll try the cheaper alternatives first!

And lastly the travel guides and road atlas of Europe are 100% being bought this pay day. Myself and the hubby and our crazy puppy are off on some epic campervan travels at the end of Spring next year! We plan on travelling mostly Eastern Europe and a special tour around Italy. That is something I plan on making a blogging series out of! Our Van makeover, general planning and of course how we get on travelling with our (will be 2 year old) dog Dougal. Not your usual Gap year stunt!    

Whats on your payday treat wishlist? 


  1. It's like we're the same person. I want that jumpsuit, sponge and Shell make up set haha <3 xxxx

  2. my payday wish list is to go see my beautiful daughter, her hansom hubby and crazy but wonderful pooch dougal lol see you very soon xxxxx